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Product Description plays an important role for the success of your online store. It is the first thing a potential customer sees and it directly reflects your overall quality. Consequently, it is desirable to describe your product accurately, so that you can generate sales and return customers. Writing a good product description is tricky but if a content writer understands that how to write a product content writer should create content for a product, which brings customers then the success is not far away. Let’s understand that how to write product descriptions with high quality:

Pick the characteristics of the Product

A product description can be a critical aspect of marketing your business and products online. The best product descriptions enumerate the common characteristics of the product, but form them in a sentence to show benefits to customers. This kind of focused yet benefit oriented product description content is designed to help consumers decide whether or not a product is right for them. When your outlines of characteristics are ready then move to attributes.

Detailed out the attributes of product characteristics

The reason you have to make a list of every attribute about the product is to help you describe all of the best aspects, which will allow you to make the product sound more desirable. Some items might not feel that important, but they are. Be sure to list out everything about the product in a list format, like bullet points. This makes it easy for customers to view all of the information at once and decide whether or not they want the product right away. Next is to utilize each attribute according to the target audience.

Convert attribute to content

Now, when you are clear with all attributes of the product then start drafting the content for the product. The content of the product description should have specific details about the product. The contents and elements can be used to create a powerful and effective product description. You can also create a mind maps or diagrams to details out the characteristics, attributes etc.

Keep the product description simple yet innovative

The purpose of action verbs in product descriptions is to awaken the imagination of the reader and to reinforce the uniqueness of the products. It gives emphasis on the most outstanding features. It helps to write statements that are bold, clear, and concise. We want to make sure you know everything about the products you buy from us. So, with every product, we give an overview of the product, like what it is, what it does, who uses it and why they use it, how to use it best and how to care for it. A reader always prefers to make a purchase when it is backed up by facts and statistics.

Back your product description with facts

You can spice up your product writing by including facts, statistics, and anecdotes. These will help your reader remember what you have written. You can also provide a motivational message through the use of intriguing words, facts or statistics and use a tone that is motivating and interesting to the reader. As you write, include a fact or statistic to catch your reader’s attention, one that shows the value of what you are writing about. Then use anecdotal evidence (personal stories) to support your point. When you cut through with the right combination of statistics, facts and anecdotes, it gives your reader confidence that you know what you’re talking about. Never forget to miss the visuals as eyes catches visuals 500% times faster than reading a text.

Use Screenshots

Screenshots help your customers know what the item will look like on their screen and the functionality of an object. Using images gives your Product Description for Ecommerce a visual impact that is hard to ignore. Product photos are crucial to every product description because they allow your potential customers to get a first impression of your company’s products. Research indicates that consumers who purchase online services or products place more importance on visual aspects, such as product images and screenshots, than they do on non visual components like copy and layout. To create more interest in the products you offer and the services you sell, images and screenshots should be placed directly below the item’s title. If there are many attributes that should be covered in your content writing then prefer to segregate your product content.

Segregate the content

Divide the sections to keep the information very clear to the readers. There can be more information about a product like its usage, its materials etc, so as a product content writer, you must segregate the information into sections or ask the client to give the best.

Why writing product description is important?

Product description is important in Ecommerce because it makes the product look great, feel great and offer the best of it. The easy-going words and sentences increase the customers’ interest to that product. Ecommerce enables businesses to sell products without having a retail store and without needing and individual to sell the product when a customer orders it. It is easy to start an ecommerce web site, which only requires creating a regular web page. All you need is to get your credit card processor, Search Engine Optimizer, merchant gateways and merchant account.

What does a Product Content writer do?

As an Online Product Content Writer, you will be responsible for developing product content for the company website or for the client. The position primarily involves researching, writing and editing product text which will then be used on our website and social platforms. A typical day in this position would consist of researching product specifications, creating marketing copy for those products, and collaborating with design and manufacturing teams to ensure the copy is creating a cohesive experience.

Points to remember while writing a product description

  • Keep in mind that you are writing for the customer first and foremost
  • Your product’s best features should be listed first, followed by the next most interesting feature, and so on.
  • Be descriptive but concise. Don’t rely on jargon or technical terms that a customer may not understand. Instead, use easy-to-understand language and details that help explain how your product improves lives.
  • Demonstrate how your product’s benefits meet your customer’s needs
  • Include relevant customer stories in your descriptions

We understand that your product, be it technical or non-technical is important to you and so you must not compromise on Product content as it wins the 60% of sales only through the content. Isn’t it?

  • Prefer to hire a Product writing team which has done product writing in the past.
  • Avoid to run after cheap product content writers though make it affordable
  • Prefer companies who can customize content for your product
  • Stay from content writers who use the spin rewriters to give it in affordable rates.
  • Plan a budget for right description for your products
  • If you have an ecommerce company, never avoid consulting a content strategist who can help you to plan the best product content for your products.
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