Right Company profile doubles your conversions, but how?
A company profile is a professional introduction to your brand image, services, or website. A well-designed company profile might help you stand out in the competition to get the maximum leads. 

Why must you have a Company Profile?
A well-written company profile is enough to raise capital or win an investor/ customer. You will find a few companies with decent company profiles just two pages long. You can also find fifteen pages long company profiles, including awards, certifications and portfolios. Which one do you find more attractive?
So which is more interesting; a short company profile or the company profile which details you accurately? Here is the catch, you need to show your mission, vision, awards and achievements to a few prospects for building trust in you. The team of Mywebmonk considers your market and then make a company profile for its customers.
Apart from the accurate information, it would be best if you did not avoid the visual impact of the company profile. Using infographics, videos, branding graphics, and relevant design flow always leave a good impression. 
According to a survey, chances of closing a sale is 30% higher when you have an excellent company profile in hand.
Mywebmonk team understands your work and the nature of the business consults and creates a company profile that is the most relevant for you to strengthen a lead. There is a myth among companies to choose a platform without knowing which platform is best for your company profile. After working with 100+ assignments for the company profile, here are a few suggestions.
Decided if you want Visual based company profile or a text-based company profile and why? 

  1. Stunning presentations representing your company 
    An effective presentation is a key to winning many projects in the corporate sector. The most effective method includes infographics displaying your business information, business components, success stories, and basic introductions to your services. A business gets lots of space to represent themselves visually and text-based. Integrating branding graphics and explainer videos in your presentation makes it very effective and take you ahead of your competitors.
    An excellent presentable presentation includes vector graphics, genuine branding, the use of a logo, etc. These are the few components that may help you design a good presentation and keep the audience engaged until the end. You can always consult the Mywebmonk team about how to make an excellent company profile presentation at affordable prices
  2. Attractive Brochure Company profile 
    Company profile brochures are used for physical and digital use, over social media platforms and on websites. In contrast, an effective email includes your brand story in text or pdf that allows users to download it for free. After reading that, a “call to action” button is placed, allowing the reader to navigate your website to make a purchase. Make sure that you assign both graphics and content for your brochure to one agency or a resource; otherwise, you can get it messed up. 
  1. Sales oriented Company Profile on web pages 
    In this digitalized world, having a company website is common to get advanced perks
     and benefits from the internet. Just having a website page is not sufficient. Having great
     content is the key to explaining what you want to convey to your customers.
    You probably have seen many websites that are just created to represent their brand. In contrast, some are designed to sell their services; these websites have a well-written “about us” page or “portfolio” page that represent them.
    It is an effective way to build your online presence on the internet; a company profile webpage
     may include “your brand story”, “company’s face”, and a “call to action button” that allows the visitor to take action.
  2. Email Company Profile.
    In emails, Companies market their company profiles to spread awareness and make sales via sending emails to their potential leads. You can provide a brochure’s summary and feature details of your products or services. If you are going to interact only through emails or Introductory emails to break the ice – email company profiles are the best way to get it done. Mywebmonk offers this service at a very affordable budget. 
  3. Videos
    These days’ people prefer graphics over reading lengthy texts; creating a company profile in the  form of video is an excellent option to go with. A brand video includes all the necessary components  that we discussed earlier. This is one of the best ways of communicating your business ideas and services to the user. You need to have a great script and execution for making a business video. You can get the best videos for your business online with Mywebmonk.

Connect with the team of mywebmonk to create an impressive company profile, even if you are a startup. Do not overthink, as our team has worked from freelancers to great businesses. You can also consult our consultants to figure out where should you invest in creating a company profile.

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