Content Strategy to build a new website 


One of the Business owners had no idea where to start in online presence and how a website should come up which is to to the mark as per industry standards. Mywebmonk team has handled many case 

  • Talent wise is a technical recruitment firm based in Bangalore 
  • Client observed that a senior consultant will listen to the concern and will suggest the best custom solution
  • Client got a strategic content on his website and he got to know more possibilities through the content along with website policies. 

The Story of Talentwise – a technical recruitment firm

Owner of talentwise Mr. X knew one thing – he wants to create a web presence for his technical recruitment firm. Apart from this, he was struggling to understand what all sections he should have in his website and why. Unlike many freelancers/small businesses, they did not have strong work history and thus did not know they should represent themselves. Thus, their development was in haywire what to create for them as the client knew the business only in their mind. 

Why Talentwise Chose Mywebmonk

Simply, one of our past clients referred us that this one agency can resolve your issues in lesser time. That’s why they approached Mywebmonk. 

How Mywebmonk Responded 

In the very first call with our consultant the client started feeling confident that with this association he will surely fulfill the requirements for his business. 

The client was not pretty sure what exactly the website navigation would be?

What all services he should include and why?

What is the right persona of his target customers?

What should be the tone of content?

What was sorted 

Unlike many other small businesses client has clarity that just putting content does not mean he will start generating the sales though it is the foundational step for putting the foundation for sales and revenue in the company. 

The Results

Talentwise got clarity about the architecture of his website after 1-1 consultation call in very competitive pricing. 

  • Ideas for next phases of taking its business in action 
  • Engaging and unique content 
  • Content for sliders and other graphics 
  • Infographics for its internal use 
  • Content for its Development Team 


Increasing your leads and bringing more traffic begins with the right content. If you take your business seriously and come out from the copy paste trap which can directly hit ROI of your business, then connect with our consultants and content strategists. Let’s connect to work for your vision.

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