To show the growth of the brand in regards to the marketing and social media handling techniques used by Mywebmonk while highlighting the challenges faced to ensure the results of our work and our client’s.


Pushpagiri welfare began their start-up business selling products created by them highlighting organic ingredients and ayurvedic product, the aim of the company was to grow their business into a nationally recognized brand on the same lines as Amazon but solely dedicated to healthy products by Pushpagiri Welfare. They approached Mywebmonk to use our expertise to grow their company’s leads via marketing techniques and content creation with social media handling.


Pushpagiri being a Start-up aiming at growth in the sales industry with the aspiration to grow their business from scratch, realized the importance of content creation and professional social media handling and so approached our agency to receive consultancy and then further moving on to working with our team.

Creation and execution of social media platforms:

Our team looked into the best ways to execute the creation and planning of their Facebook and Instagram pages to drive audience growth and leads towards the brand.

Campaign creation:

Our team did an in-depth analysis of the market and figured the best approach towards a campaign that would build their base of following and leads which would then eventually convert to customers.

Social media handling:

With Instagram and Facebook, we looked into creative ways of creating engaging and informative content to flow across both the platforms onboard.

Analysis and feedback:

We as a team constantly made sure to reach out to the company and fill them in on the details of their growth regarding our campaigns by providing them with analysis for their own knowledge further keeping them in the loop.

Challenges Faced:

Social media platforms

Our first challenge and aim was to create social media platforms from scratch regarding our client’s company. As a start-up we reminded them of the importance of creating social media platforms that speak your brands values and goals to your target audience.

Linking accounts

Out team closely worked with linking all the brand’s social media links with each other to ensure efficient flow of marketing and growth. We made sure Pushpagiri saw their audience and customers to have a presence of Puspagiri on every platform and link back to their desired platform.

Timely submissions 

With starting a business it is always difficult to estimate how long a certain task will take to bring you the value for your money spent. And frankly, the answer is that it takes time! Organic growth is steady and slow but will promise loyalty of your audience which means true customers and good conversion rates

USP Analysis

A challenge we faced was to understand the selling point of the company, and we worked time on time with our client to understand how different their product is from the rest. Once we got the purpose of the brand and the unique points, we took that up to push it in all our marketing strategies.

Competitor analysis

Being a start-up in a business world can be challenging considering the array of brands and companies that are similar to you and doing better! At Mywebmonk we do a close study of similar brands and companies that portray similar interests and values and work on how to use our strategies and content to work in our favour for our clients.


How our content creation and execution bumped up our client’s statistics.

Video Caption:

Do you think getting anywhere close to 300 leads in a month is easy? With our team, it might just be! We created the video for our client which proved to show an increase of 500+ leads in 30 days. Using our creative ability, we used our client’s USP to showcase the true value of the brand.


With Pushpagiri being a start-up company and being a client that struggled with content creation and understanding what will and will not work for them, upon working with us, got the required results and matched their needs and goals, while still continuing to approach our team for further deals and strategies.

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